A new church in a community can sometimes be met with skepticism or downright opposition. This is especially common if there is a misunderstanding in the foundational purpose of the Church or if a person has suffered through a negative experience in a local congregation. So what does any healthy church (new or old) have to offer a community? More programs, classes, kids camps, and high-energy music? Not exactly.

Here are 10 unique things that healthy Bible-believing, Gospel-teaching churches like Restoration Church have to offer their communities:

  1. A community that regularly experiences total heart, mind, and soul transformation through the power of the Gospel.
  2. A community that actively prays for and pursues patterns of heaven that bring about a restored relationship with God, others, and creation.
  3. A community that regularly encourages and supports people in their pursuit for hope-filled faith, eternal joy, satisfaction, and freedom from their sin.
  4. A community that cultivates a safe place to discover answers to the deepest longings of the human heart, while confronting fears, insecurities, and idols with grace and truth.
  5. A community that pursues authenticity, reconciliation, and sacrificial living with others.
  6. A community that is both restorative and grace-filled for every person, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, circumstances, background, or life-stage.
  7. A community that is eager to help its members and our neighbors thrive to their fullest potential.
  8. A community that values gathering corporately where a Holy God is revealed and regularly worshiped.
  9. A community that seeks to build the Kingdom of God through partnerships with gospel-centered churches and ministries.
  10. A community that values the individual over the organization.

I invite you to visit a Sunday gathering at Restoration Church to experience our honest pursuit towards a healthy church that positively impacts our community in ways that only the Church can do.

By the Cross. For the Kingdom.
– Pastor Matt